Thursday, October 17, 2019


VIRTUALIZATION AND THE RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN VIRTUALIZATION ,CLOUD COMPUTING AND GREEN IT - Assignment Example Introduction Virtualization could be very supportive to the organizations to take benefit of two or more virtual computing frameworks, having diverse operating systems, tools and software on one of hardware logically and inexpensively. In addition, virtualization can help the organizations minimize the distance among software applications, end users, and operating systems from the specific hardware characteristics of the systems they utilize to perform computational activities. Moreover, this technology makes certain to harmonize within a totally innovative signal of hardware and software renewal and also provides simplifying system updates and in various scenarios may get rid of the requirement for such updates (Golden & Scheffy, 2008). This report will offer a detailed overview of this modern technology. This report will discuss several advantages offered by this technology. At the end we will discuss how this technology is connected with other modern technologies such as cloud com puting and green computing. Virtualization We can define virtualization as a logical view of computer based hardware environment through software. Additionally, the thinking behind the design of virtualization technologies is to provide concurrent access on single computer by using multiple operating systems. However, the software of virtualization runs among the operating systems that we normally use for instance, Mac OS, Windows, Linux and other computer supportive hardware, that take input on the operating system and transfer it to the suitable addresses that connect it with hardware. In addition, the virtualization software also performs functionality to reverse, in this way it catches the productive output that we avail from hardware resources as well as redirects it to the various locations of operating system that are suitable for it. In this scenario, one major thing about the os is that it doesn't identify or else any type of concern if it runs on a virtual system or on phy sical hardware. Moreover, the method of virtualization facilitates us to run various Windows of our choice on various operating systems such as Linux based environment, Mac, or PC with our preferred choice. Furthermore, various researches have outline that the virtualization technology is considered as an ideal solution for the usage of those applications that are used for medium or small level (Rankin 2011, Asosheh 2008, Huber, et al. 2010). We know that virtualization technology is considered as a useful technique of maximizing or enhancing physical resources. Additionally, the virtualization technology has a close connection with partitioning. However, it means that partitioning is useful for dividing a distinct physical server into several logical servers. In this scenario, once physical server is patronized, it accommodates logical servers in such a way that all logical servers are free in decision to run or execute a various applications and operating systems of our choice sep arately or independently. It is a true fact that in the mid 1990s, the virtualization technology was principally used to reconstruct those environments that are considered to be end user on a one portion of PC hardware. In some conditions if an IT manager wants to revolve out innovative software, although he wants to analyze its effective functioning on various environments

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