Wednesday, October 2, 2019

Animal Testing Essay -- Animal Testing

Animal Testing Animal testing is the running of tests and the research done in a laboratory on animals. Some of the tests are done to benefit human lives and other tests are done to determine side effects of a certain household or cosmetic products. It is a topic that has been up for debate for many years not only in the United States, but all around the world. While some support the advances that come from the research others oppose the cruelty that the media projects to society. No matter what one’s opinion of the subject is, it is still something that our society and culture deals with. There have been many progresses in the medical field and cures for a variety of different diseases found by testing vaccines and other treatments on laboratory animals. Scientists have been working for several years to try and discover a cure for the AIDS virus. According to Nowak, hopes for a vaccine to totally cure the virus are fading, however doctors have began to focus on a vaccine that would slow the progressions of AIDS. Diabetes is another disease that has benefited from the testing of animals. â€Å"Researchers who tested more then 50,000 natural and synthetic substances say they have found a fungus compound that acts like insulin, raising the possibility that diabetics in the future may take pills instead of shots†(Recer). As far as breast cancer is concerned, researchers for the government say that they have bred a strain of mice that identified what gene causes breast cancer in women (Waldholz). Another very important discovery in the medical fiel d is that â€Å"results of laboratory studies over the past year are providing new clues about how to prevent liver damage and giving researchers hope that they... again and constantly ending up with the same results. In conclusion, animal testing is a subject that will continue to be argued about for years to come. There are two very distinct sides to the debate, it is either acceptable or it isn’t. Animal testing is a very beneficial process when used to discover cures in the medical field but should not be used just to simply test a new brand of cosmetics of household products. There have been several advancements made so far and more cures will be discovered as time goes on and more products are tested. The medical field has advanced so much due to the discoveries made from testing out new vaccines and medicines. They don’t have a cure for cancer today, but who knows, in ten years from now there might be a way to save loved one’s lives because of research and procedures that are being performed today.

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