Tuesday, October 8, 2019

Korean history Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

Korean history - Essay Example Admiral Yi Sun-shin successfully destroyed the Japanese invasion fleet the invasion thus slowing down the invasion. The kingdom also formed guerrilla armies that were effective in reducing the effect of the Japanese invasion. Admiral Yi Sun-shin’s success made sure that the kingdom still had control over sea routes. This enabled them to hamper the supply lines of the Japanese troops. In 1593, the troops that were sent by Ming China, were led by General Yi Sun-Shin and were effective in pushing back the Japanese troops. During this period, the kingdom was able to produce the Geobukseon ships and powerful firearms that were helped in their resistance against the Japanese invasion. Ching emperor led an expedition of 120,000 men in the year 1636.When King Injo heard about the invasion he panicked and fled to Ganghwa Island. Due to Huang Taiji’s fear for his own territory they offered the ChosÃ… n kingdom a peace deal which the readily accepted. However, even after the peace deal ChosÃ… n continued to defy Manchu. This time round they blocked the king’s escape route though the king still fled to the Namhansan fortress. The Korean army was unable to respond to the invasion due to the scarcity of food and immunizations. The kingdom attempted severally to break the siege for other regions but was unsuccessful. The charges made from within the fortress were also unsuccessful. The state of desperation eventually led to the submission of the kingdom with Kwanghaegun opting for developing a good relationship between them and the Manchu. The submission marked by the king handing over three of his pro-war official to the invaders and agreeing to their ter ms of peace deal. By the time the western encroachment was coming through there are a number of things that were different in terms of Korean defense forces. Taewon’gun had repaired the

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