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Green IT Dissertation Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3500 words

Green IT - Dissertation Example The need for this kind of technology has also been necessitated by energy conservation concerns raised by environmental conservation bodies. The reduction in the overall production of computers and the development of proper disposal of the e-waste are some of the factors behind the growth in green technologies (Hassan, Molla & Cooper, 2012). In the early 90s, most computer manufacturing companies in the United States made voluntary efforts to manufacture energy saving computer devices, which were labeled with the energy star mark. Today, government regulations and enactments have acted to strengthen the manufacture and sales of green computers. Such steps are partly facilitated by international treaties and ratifications that are meant to reduce environmental destruction caused by electronic waste (Dedrick, 2010). In this paper, the current advances in the development of green technologies and computing will be analyzed in relation to the available scientific research. A number of pr actice borders on the adoption of green technologies, which guide policy formulation in this sector. This paper will review the practices that guide the development of green technologies in the United States and other developed countries across the world. ... This has necessitated the development and growth of green information and computing as adopted by a number of companies around the world. Sustainability in the manufacture of computers relates to issues such as the economic, environmental and social impacts. Thus, Green technologies and computing work towards ensuring the sustainability of the computer applications in different organizations (Hassan, Molla & Cooper, 2012). The idea behind the development of green technologies was necessitated by the need for energy efficient and environmental friendly computer system. Such a system consumes less energy and reduces the impacts of the e-waste on the environment. In building sustainability in the information technology, green computing seeks to introduce a coordinated planning and investing technology that seeks to serve the interest and desires of the users. According to Ozturk (2011), there exist a distinction between green information technology (IT) and green information systems (IS ). The development of green information technology seeks to create products that increase energy efficiency and the maximization of the equipment utilization. Green information system however concerns the design and implementation of information’s systems, which are capable of improving the overall sustainability and reliability of business processes (Dedrick, 2010). Green information technologies have a number of goals and issues that it seeks to address. The replacement of personal computers with energy efficient computer hardware also forms part of the evolution of green information technology. The energy saving mission of green computing does not just end with efficiency of the hardware but the

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