Friday, September 27, 2019

Tactical Medicine in EMS today Term Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Tactical Medicine in EMS today - Term Paper Example actical medicine is focused and highly discerning endeavor that necessitates intensive training, control, regulation and distinctive association with law enforcement. Tactical medicine encompasses the principal accountability of giving medical care to the SWAT team, although their duties extend far ahead of such undertakings. The present article observes the progression and current tactical medical beliefs and methods engaged by military and LEAs specifically SWAT teams (Morrissey, 2013). The concept of tactical medicine is in existence since the dawn of medicine and combats. In early battles the treatment was given only to the royal individuals like Kings and other important people. Although outcomes were not significantly promising and caused mortality at times or else the victim suffered with the serious infections which may cause death. Over the centuries, advances in tools, techniques and medical facilities drastically enhanced the understanding towards injury management (Morrissey, 2013). Conflicts witnessed in the last decade displayed controlling extremity hemorrhage as well as aggressive airway management, resulting in a significant decline or drop in casualty fatality rate (CFR), the percentage of individuals who got injured in the battle and expire. A closer examination of CFR highlights the fact that a remarkable reduction in fatality occurred after 2004. The CFR for World War II was recorded as 19.1 percent, in Vietnam War it was recorded to be 15.8 percent while in Iraq/ Afghanistan conflicts CFR was recorded to be 9.4 percent. However, earlier than 2004, a considerable percentage of deaths of American soldiers during the Global War of Terror (GWOT) involved numerous kinds of injuries such as hemorrhage from extremity injure; junctional hemorrhage involving high traumatic amputation; gunshot injury to the abdomen resulting in non-compressible hemorrhage; airway problems and tension pneumothorax (Morrissey, 2013). Introduction of tactical medics

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