Monday, September 9, 2019

Critical analysis Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Critical analysis - Essay Example These can offer the employees a strong establishment for the aim of attaining a competitive edge (Enrensal, 2006, p.17). A career is termed as an individual’s occupation that deals with how an individual earns his or her living. Career management encompasses the process where people invest their resources for the aim of achieving career objectives (VonHippel et al, 2000, p.102). Career management is not a one day undertaking but rather a long-term process that is vital for the adaptation of the evolving demands of the 21st century’s economy. Various economic changes taking place in the economy tend to have a great impact on the income distributions and employment opportunities available in the world. During career management sessions, employees are trained on the adoption of suitable beliefs, attitudes, and values that fit in today’s job environment. Career advice given to individuals assists in changing their working behaviors as well as to help them in self dis covery in order to meet the needs of employers who are highly influenced by effects of globalization (Grey, 2002, p.445). Worldwide competition, technological change, and adjustments in consumer preferences have greatly impacted on the quality and the type of employment available thus necessitating the need for organizations to embark on career management practices. Career management therefore takes two forms; can either be conducted at an organizational level or at an individual level. In todays market settings competition and the cost economics presents a lot of insecurities in the job market. On the other hand competition and evolution industries are opening a surfeit of opportunities for the people to select from (Personal Career management, 2012). New job openings and associated threats results in the job market becoming extremely unpredictable. In this type of uncertain environment, it is eventually the role of an individual to make his or her own decisions on what to pursue f or the preferred career. The individual ambitions attached to the upcoming business developments are used to shape up the individual career options. An organization in this case can try and support the career aspirations of an individual; if at all the career is falling in line with the goals of the organization. Thus with the notion of careers in the contemporary world, an individual is required to adjust the way careers were viewed traditionally. A job is no longer a mere means of getting money but rather should be looked at as a means of acquiring knowledge. As much as the individual is working on meeting the objectives of the company, he or she is also making strengthening his or her skill for the aim career development (Alagse, 2012). Career management is termed as the initial responsibility of any individual. Pursuing of the preferred career by an individual is a long process where he endlessly gets to learn things pertaining to his personality, purpose, interests and abilitie s. It calls for rigor and much focus at each and every step of career management. This particular person must incessantly review his or her assignments and try to come up with alternative outlook of the job, which assists in enriching an individual’s experience. An interrupted relook at the current job and the organization that an individual is serving alongside the available opportunities in the outside world will enable an individual

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