Saturday, August 24, 2019

Some of the best presents are those that cost the least Essay - 1

Some of the best presents are those that cost the least - Essay Example Not many people are aware that gift giving was originally practiced in early civilizations. People in tribes gave tributes to their leaders as a token of love, loyalty and appreciation. â€Å"They used bark and wood from the trees, and reeds to fashion unique objects. The Roman practice of presenting the Emperor, and each other was with good luck tokens. They received presents in order to procure favor and to demonstrate allegiance, a practice still in place today.† (Corbett, 2010, par. 2) What started as simple and cheap presents eventually led to more intricate, expensive and luxurious gifts. With the growth and development of technology, there are just so many products in the market that any one can choose from. As people become more inventive, innovative, and creative, a wide array of gift items are offered in the market at everyone’s delight. Concurrently, people gained increasingly alternative sources of income giving those potentials to spend more. In an article written by Moon (2009), people started to give expensive and luxurious gifts to â€Å"please the senses, soul, mind and spirit. By nature this type of gift symbolizes something that is not necessarily a necessity, but something that obviously adds pleasure, comfort and frills† (par. 6). Though the giver can obviously afford giving expensive presents, the recipient can either appreciate it or not depending on status, need, and personal philosophy in life. Some of the best presents are those that cost the least. The true value of gifts is not shown in the price tags for the presents bought. Anyone can easily buy anything without sincere regard for what the recipient truly needs. Presents which are well thought of and creatively done by the giver – however simple it is – still is the best present that anyone could give. In an article written in Journey 2 Retirement,

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