Tuesday, August 27, 2019

Ecology in the news tasksheet Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Ecology in the news tasksheet - Essay Example The underlying assumption is that warming makes thunderstorms more explosive. The increased water vapour as one of the greenhouse gases fuels the explosion that causes lightning (Romps et al., 2014).. Anthropogenic activities on the environment are the main reason as to why the world is recording increased atmospheric temperatures. On the other hand, the issue qualifies to be of great importance since lightning is one of the environmental problems. Though lightning injuries and accidents are natural calamities, destructive human activities on the environment are increasing the intensity of thunderstorms and lightning the (University of California, 2014). Therefore, an increase in lightning intensity and frequency mean more harm in the form of human injuries. Annually, thousands of people succumb to lightning injuries. The implication is that many will lose their lives if the trend continues in the future. A significant environmental impact of lightning is the increase in wildfires (Romps et al., 2014).. Lighting ignited forest fires are always hard to fight, and they are more destructive to the natural vegetation. However, one advantage of lightning strikes is the additional nitrogen oxides into the atmosphere thus controlling the chemistry of the atmosphere. Alternatively, it is possible to argue that seasonal temperature variations are the reason behind increased lightning. Though this journal ascertains that the projected increase in lightning strikes is due to precipitation and cloud buoyancy, scientists, and meteorologists have not done reliable analyses to predict what the future holds for humanity. However, studying atmospheric properties like the cloud buoyancy and precipitation may give a clue on what thunderstorm and lightning intensities may look like in future (Romps et al., 2014). Nonetheless, it necessary to understand that charge separation that occurs within the clouds causes lightning. Therefore, it takes a good amount of water vapour as

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