Thursday, August 29, 2019

Global Food Crisis Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words - 1

Global Food Crisis - Essay Example ems from an inability to feed the global poor as well as the financial burdens that shortages of food place on international governments and general citizens. There is no simplistic fix to this problem and therefore knowledge is power to assist innovators in aiding toward finding a quality solution to diminishing food supply. The purpose of this secondary, desk-based research study is to inform the general reader about the multitudes of problems associated with meeting supply versus demand volumes to feed the hungry and also sustain new product development efforts using food products. This information is worthy of consideration as the future of food production and distribution, currently, looks considerably bleak and it ultimately impacts the quality of life for virtually every international citizen. The information gleaned from this secondary research study provides new information and factual statistics about the current state of the global food situation as well as future projections that continue to paint a dismal picture of success in meeting food demand internationally. There is no specific target audience that would best gain from the knowledge provided in this study as the impact of the global food crisis has influence on scientists, government, general global citizens, and even stock market inve stors interested in commodity prices and value of their investment dollars. Russia, over the last two years, has experienced significant volume reduction on agricultural output of grain due to heatwaves and drought conditions that eroded more than one-third of the country’s entire crop output (Gorst, 2011). To ensure that the Russian people had enough stored grain to sustain its population’s needs, export bans were imposed on all wheat products until the country was able to improve total grain output. This export ban created a situation where wheat prices soared in European markets, leading to ongoing internationally-driven disapproval (Gorst). A similar

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