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The Participation Rate Research Proposal Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

The Participation Rate - Research Proposal Example Individuals are considered to be unemployed, for the purposes of the unemployment rate, if the individual is actively looking for work, but is unemployed. Workers who are out of a job, due to a temporary layoff, but expected to be recalled, are considered to also be unemployed. During the survey week, the individual must be not employed, available for work and taking active steps to find work, in order to be counted in the unemployment rate. Individuals who do not count in the unemployment rate are individuals who are discouraged, and no longer actively looking for work. ...The individuals who would not be included in the participation rate are those who are unemployed, but not actively looking for work, because they are discouraged. Also not included would be individuals who are not labor force. These are individuals who are not looking for work because they are going to school, are retired, are stay at home mothers or individuals with other family obligations, are confined to nursi ng homes, mental institutions or prisons, or inactive duty military (Bureau of Labor Statistics). B. Charts of Participation Rates for Females and Males (All Figures Come from The Australian Bureau of Statistics) 1954 In this case, the Australian Bureau of Statistics did not publish very much information which can be gleaned about males versus females and the participation rates. It did not publish information, which it did in later editions, that detailed the employment rate, the unemployment rate, the unemployment numbers and employment numbers, etc. Therefore, the chart below has much more sparse information than the later ones will. In 1954, the total number of men who were employed, including defense forces, was 2,821,000. The number of women who were employed, including defense forces, was 826,000. During this same period, there were 41,000 males who were unemployed and 14,000 females who were unemployed. The unemployment rate was 1.8% for males in this year, and 1.9% of femal es. Therefore, the total number of men who were participating was, for the year, 1954, 2,862,000. The total number of females participating for that year was 840,000 (Australian Bureau of Statistics). 1967 In 1966, there were a total of 3,351,800 males who were employed. There were 32,900 males who were unemployed.

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