Tuesday, January 21, 2020

Good Advice :: Personal Narrative, Autobiographical Essay

Good Advice Good advice is different for everyone and is distinct each time you receive it. Sometimes I receive advice and don’t realize what it is until I actually need to apply it. This occurred in Andrea Kunze’s paper. Her dad had always warned her that boys were the devil and on her first day of school the advice he had been giving her all along suddenly could make sense. Some advice I’m given allows me to ponder over options I hadn’t thought of before. Other times who ever happens to be helping me envisions a solution that is a variation of what I had contemplated. This goes with the theory that two heads are better than one. The way I think differs from everyone else’s conceptions. When two people work on the same problem they’re able to come up with variations on how to solve it. By listening to what someone else has to say about a situation, they bring in an objective opinion that might shed a different angle of lightening on a possible solution. An example of this is when I had to make a model of the human heart out of clay for biology. I was trying to mold the outside of the heart while still showing the parts of the inside. My dad noticed me struggling on this project so taking it from me, he restructured it by cutting the heart in half so you could still see what the outside looked like on one side of the model whil e the other side showed what the heart looks like in the inside. Whenever I seek guidance I turn to my friends, parents, acquaintances, and teachers because I respect their judgment. Given a difficult decision to make, even though I know what their response will be, I still look to them for help. I search for their understanding to reinforce what I already know I need to do. It’s easier for me to make a decision because when I hear the same solution being said by someone else I know someone is behind me, supporting my choice even if I mess up. They can show me options that would work for my situation and they won’t try and mislead me by giving advise that could cause me to get hurt. Like Douglas Crane wrote, â€Å"The advisor doesn’t have secret plans to use the advise for their personal gain, the advisor had respect and in most/all cases, love for the advisee.

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