Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Choice overload Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3250 words

Choice overload - Essay Example The most widely referenced source in this regard is Schwartz’s. It is due to this reason that the following paper will be greatly based on the source or the book written by Schwartz entitled, â€Å"The Paradox of Choice†. It is imperative to understand the basic definition of the concept choice overload before looking at various perspectives on the subject of matter. It is an evident fact that choice overload is associated with the ability of the consumers to buy more products. The consumers observe the choices when they are given more than one product of a same kind. It does not only make consumers think about the limitless options they have but also think of better ways to consume the product. At times, it is also noted that the concept of choice overload is a behavioural aspect to be learned within the field of psychology. The term Choice Overload is also known as Overchoice. Choice overload is defined in many aspects; it has directly linked to the consumer behaviour and decision-making. Choice overload is now considered as a major problem facing by consumers at the time of purchase. It is also defined that manufacturers, retailers, and other businesses have not increased the choice overload in term of giving options in products, but they have also overloaded the related information. Giving multiple alternatives and bundle of choices does not satisfy the need of a consumer, it rather drive them in psychological depression and thrive their stress level. Consumer start losing their confidence and level of confusion arise which eventually resulted in disturbing their personality (Lee & Lee, 2004). As per the study conducted by Cherev, Bockenholt, and Goodman (2012), it has been noted that despite a lot of stress on providing options to the consumers, it is still not sure that assortments can be beneficial for the

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